Welcome to BlackPowder!

Dear Visitor, Reenactor, Fantasy Lover, Rum Addict and many more..

Together, we are blessed with the gift of life. And in one way our another, our paths have crossed at some point! Could have been at a Fantasy Fair, Mittelalter Phantasie Spectaculum, a gig of your favorite band or even online! One thing was sure.. we united and shared beer, food, rum, stories and had a great time at the campfire or any other beautiful location.

It’s not always easy to keep in touch and some very interesting stories or events may not be noticed with the amount of online feeds heading our direction. Privacy settings and other solutions that make your life easier could prevent to share your stories or events with the people you like be informed.

With BlackPowder Community, our goal is to create a ‘virtual camp fire’. A place where you can share the events you will attend , share the progress of that new costume you will wear the coming Fantasy Fest, tell stories of the awesome time we had together, share pictures that makes everyone love or laugh, tell us about this new band everyone should hear about.. and so much more..

Hope to see you soon!

– Captain BlackPowder..


Image created by Floris Roding!

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