Castlefest 2024

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Keukenhof Lisse (NL)

Avast, me hearties and brave souls! Gather close as The BlackPowder Crew, them savvy swashbucklers who’ve outsmarted the King’s fleet, unveil their haven nestled deep within the mystical bounds of Castlefest, a haven of magic like no other!

Within the enchanted realm, our sanctuary awaits… A refuge where the bonds of comradeship and the thrill of daring escapades merge seamlessly with the tranquil beauty of our surroundings. All ye seekers of adventure are summoned to witness the harmonious life of our diverse crew and plunge into the lively essence of piracy anew.

Amidst the whimsy of the festival, we’ve carved out a haven for young buccaneers yearning for thrills. Little scallywags are encouraged to join us in raucous revelry and merry mischief, where they’ll not only revel in pirate-inspired antics but also soak up the colourful lingo of the high seas! Let their imaginations run wild as they embark on a voyage of discovery and delight.

But our presence offers more than mere revelry. We offer a glimpse into the daily rhythm of our peaceful crew, showcasing the craftsmanship and expertise that sustain us on our oceanic odyssey. Witness as we tend to our ships with care, safeguard our loot, and engage in friendly challenges that test our mettle without malice.

So, heave ho and join us at Castlefest, where tranquillity and adventure weave a spellbinding tale! Surrender to the rugged charm of The BlackPowder Crew and lose yourself in the intoxicating brew of piracy. Come celebrate the grandeur of a pirate’s life, where unity and revelry rule the waves.

May the winds of fortune guide your voyage, me hearties! We eagerly await your arrival in our pirate haven, where fantasy and the pirate’s code converge for a memory-making adventure of a lifetime!

Festival Des Maraudeurs De Rêves

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Event Venue:
Chateau De Springuel, Huy BE

The MARAUDERS are pleased to announce:
After several months of searching for the perfect location, we have found our island stopover.
We will be organizing the first Pirate Festival in Belgium.
We are in the preparation stages of the event to ensure we do not disappoint you.
Please note the dates 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of June 2024 (Attention 2024)

The BlackPowder will welcome you to discover Pirate Life!


Mysteria Fantasy Fair 2024

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Event Venue:
Domein Elzenhof, Aarschot BE

Welcome to the magical world of MysteriA, the most enchanting fantasy event in Belgium where it always feels like coming home. We are eager to welcome you back, and as always, the magic of MysteriA is never far away; you never know what will happen, every moment, every little thing could contribute to making your dreams come true. Step into our fantasy world and join the Mysteria family for our 6th edition on May 3-5, 2024.

Ever opened a fairy tale book? Or perhaps you’re familiar with the stories of Jules Verne? You’ve at least seen a pirate movie, right? Well, they’re all here, in the flesh, in the unique setting of Domein Elzenhof, a often forgotten gem in Aarschot. A true family event where you can expect Victorian scenes, steampunk, anime cosplay, pirates, Vikings, fantasy characters in the broadest sense of the word. All magical and fantasy characters and creatures are welcome at MysteriA.

The BlackPowder Crew welcomes you at their Camp!

Mysteria Fantasy Fair 2023

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Event Venue:
Het leukste fantasy-event van Belgie voelt altijd als een thuiskomen,5 volwaardige edities al en dat vieren we . We staan te popelen om jullie terug mogen ontvangen en zoals steeds is de magie van MysteriA nooit ver weg,nooit weet je wat er zal gebeuren,elk moment,elk klein dingetje kan er toe bijdragen dat ook jouw dromen zouden kunnen uitkomen.Kinderen tot en met 12 jaar,onder begeleiding van hun ouders of verantwoordelijke,mogen nog altijd van een vrije toegang genieten.
Ooit een sprookjesboek opengeslagen?Of ken je mischien de verhalen van Jules Verne,je hebt toch op zijn minst een piratenfilm gezien?Wel,ze zijn er allemaal,in levende lijve,in het unieke decor van Domein Elzenhof,een vaak vergeten parel in Aarschot.Een echt familie-event waarbij je je mag verwachten aan victoriaanse taferelen,steampunk,anime-cosplay,piraten,vikings,fantasyfiguren in de breedste zin van het woord.(Vergeet dus zeker niet je fototoestel mee te brengen) Op onze Enchanted market vind je de meest vreemde en exotische dingen.MysteriA zonder muziek zou geen MysteriA zijn,We zij er zeker van dat je van de ene verbazing in de andere zal vallen.Parkeren blijft gratis ,heel het weekend in de omgeving en op zat en zon is ook parking station gratis beschikbaar
Vrijdag 12/05/2023 openen de deuren om 18 tot 23 uur ,zaterdag 13/05 vanaf 11 tot 23 uur en zondag 14/05 van 11 tot 20 uur
Its your Magic,its your fantasy,its YOUR MysteriA


Elfia Arcen 2020

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Event Venue:
Kasteeltuinen, Arcen (NL)

Workshops, authors, the Costume Parade, acts, bands – too much to mention. Admire your heroes or become one yourself. Let Elfia surprise, enchant, challenge and stimulate you. Give yourself the time to enjoy the sparkling Elfian energy. BlackPowder sets up camp at camping ‘De Maashof’. Come sit with us around the campfire and party at the Eflia Fantasy Fair!

Piratenabenteuer Zülpich 2020

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Event End Date:
Event Venue:
Weiertor, Zülpich (DE)

When it comes to pirate reenactement, Piraten Abenteuer is the absolute match! Join the BlackPowder crew at this ARRMazing festival and party with all our favorite Pirate bands!!

Castlefest Summer 2020

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Event End Date:
Event Venue:
Landgoed Keukenhof, Lisse (NL)

Imagine yourself in a completely different world at Castlefest, the Fantasy festival of the Netherlands. A fest for young and old, where, as soon as you enter the gates, you find yourself in the Other World. Castlefest is a total experience with lots of music, fantasy writers, themed catering, medieval crafts and a large market which offers everything a fantasy fan is looking for.

A large amount of bands are performing at the various festival stages, from Pagan Folk to World Music, from Medieval Rock to Indie. In short, for each music lover his own!

Castlefest characterises itself by a unique ambiance. This makes that regular visitors are looking forward to the next edition a year in advance. It creates a feeling where you find yourself in a completely different world, causing a daze and homesickness for weeks after the event took place.

The Castlefest-feeling is difficult to define, but something everyone needs to experience themselves. The highlight of the festival is the Wicker Ritual. Together with visitors, bands, exhibitors, entertainers, caterers and the staff you are living towards the moment the Wickerman is lit. The energy that is then released is a special experience that cannot be missed.

Castlefest takes place from July 30th till August 2nd 2020 at the Keukenhof Castle in Lisse.

BlackPowder Kayak 2020

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Event End Date:
Event Venue:
Houyet (BE)

Join the BlackPowder crew at our annual Kayak weekend in the Belgian Ardennes. A weekend filled with activities, bbq and friendship! There will be a visite to our favorite pirate bar in Durbuy ‘Tortuga Bar’!

El Mundo Fantasia 2020

Event Start Date:
Event End Date:
Event Venue:
Mondo Verde, Landgraaf (NL)

A fun event in the field of Fantasy, Steampunk & Cosplay!
Fun for young and old! Come in your most beautiful creation and meet nice people, enjoy music entertainment, workshops and fun market stalls!
All this in a beautiful setting of the beautiful Mondo Verde Landgraaf world gardens with animals and attractions!

Cancelled – Keltfest 2020

Event Start Date:
Event End Date:
Event Venue:
Hoofddorp (NL)

Keltfest attracts nearly 10000 visitors annually and offers them to experience the Celtic era. With craftsmanship, workshops like archery and forging, demo’s, an extensive market and lots of children activities, the festival offers something for everyone.

The musical line-up has many folk bands programmed on several stages and with a pint in hand you imagine yourself in an Irish pub. Everyone is invited to join in on one of many pub sessions or fill your stomach with delicious authentic food that is on offer by various caterers.

Gather your kilt and party along with Clan BlackPowder!