Castlefest 2024, Pirates ahead!

Avast, me hearties and brave souls! Gather close as The BlackPowder Crew, them savvy swashbucklers who’ve outsmarted the King’s fleet, unveil their haven nestled deep within the mystical bounds of Castlefest, a haven of magic like no other!

Within the enchanted realm, our sanctuary awaits… A refuge where the bonds of comradeship and the thrill of daring escapades merge seamlessly with the tranquil beauty of our surroundings. All ye seekers of adventure are summoned to witness the harmonious life of our diverse crew and plunge into the lively essence of piracy anew.

Amidst the whimsy of the festival, we’ve carved out a haven for young buccaneers yearning for thrills. Little scallywags are encouraged to join us in raucous revelry and merry mischief, where they’ll not only revel in pirate-inspired antics but also soak up the colourful lingo of the high seas! Let their imaginations run wild as they embark on a voyage of discovery and delight.

But our presence offers more than mere revelry. We offer a glimpse into the daily rhythm of our peaceful crew, showcasing the craftsmanship and expertise that sustain us on our oceanic odyssey. Witness as we tend to our ships with care, safeguard our loot, and engage in friendly challenges that test our mettle without malice.

So, heave ho and join us at Castlefest, where tranquillity and adventure weave a spellbinding tale! Surrender to the rugged charm of The BlackPowder Crew and lose yourself in the intoxicating brew of piracy. Come celebrate the grandeur of a pirate’s life, where unity and revelry rule the waves.

May the winds of fortune guide your voyage, me hearties! We eagerly await your arrival in our pirate haven, where fantasy and the pirate’s code converge for a memory-making adventure of a lifetime!

Seeking Refuge at Mysteria 2024!

Arrr, me hearties and mateys!

Hearken unto a voyage of legend through the mystical realm o’ MysteriA! We be thrilled to shout from the mast the grand entrance of none other than ‘The BlackPowder Crew’ at Fantasy Festival Mysteria. Brace yerselves for an epic sojourn filled to the brim with the thrill o’ adventure and the mystic charm o’ piracy. 

With their unmatched swagger and courage, they’ll imbue our fest with the very essence o’ swashbuckling spirit, takin’ ye on a journey through the hidden treasures of the seven seas. Be ready to lose yer land-legs in a world o’ sorcery, fancy, and unmatched pirate revelry as The BlackPowder Crew lights up Mysteria! Aye, it be a sight to behold, me hearties!

The BlackPowder Sets Course for Castlefest!

The BlackPowder Crew Finds Sanctuary at Castlefest! Immerse Yourself in the Life of Pirates!

Greetings, fair souls and kindred spirits! We are delighted to share tidings from The BlackPowder Crew, a band of intrepid pirates who have masterfully evaded the relentless pursuit of the Royal Navy. We have discovered a safe haven within the magical grounds of Castlefest, a wondrous fantasy festival unlike any other!

The grounds of Castlefest shall be transformed into our tranquil retreat, where the spirit of camaraderie and adventure intertwines with the peaceful serenity of the surroundings. We extend an open invitation to all who wish to witness the harmonious existence of our crew and experience the vibrant life of pirates in a new light.

Amidst the festival’s enchanting atmosphere, we have created a haven for the curious young hearts yearning for adventure. Little ones are encouraged to join us in playful games and merriment, where they will not only revel in the joy of pirate-inspired activities but also learn the charming language of pirates! Allow their imaginations to soar as they delve into a world brimming with excitement and discovery.

Yet, our presence at Castlefest extends beyond the realms of mirth and amusement. We offer a glimpse into the daily life of our peaceful crew, showcasing the artistry and skills that have allowed us to thrive on the seas. Observe as we meticulously maintain our vessels, tend to our treasures, and partake in friendly competitions that test our mettle without conflict.

Come one, come all, to Castlefest, where peace and adventure entwine in perfect harmony! Allow yourself to be captivated by the tranquil existence of The BlackPowder Crew, and indulge in the magical tapestry of the festival. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of a pirate’s life, where unity and merriment reign supreme.

Fair winds guide your path, kindred souls! We eagerly await your arrival at our Pirate world, where serenity and the spirit of piracy converge for an unforgettable experience!

BlackPowder Crew At MysteriA 2023!

Hoist the anchor and set the sails for MysteriA !!!
Having laid low for some time, we have managed to elude the Royal Navy.
This calls of course for a celebration and what better place to do so than at the freeport of MysteriA in Aarrrrrrrschot?
We will drop anchor there this weekend and set up camp in a secluded cove, where our crew will be joining our French brethren of the Maraudeurs des Rêves. Around the campfires and the cooking pit we will be sharing rum and tall tales and reminisce of great seabattles, the sacking of coastal towns and treasure chests full of plunder and there will be great rejoicing.
So if the winds and the currents are favorable we hope to see you there!


The witchdoctor has spoken…

Finally the winds are favourable enough to hoist the anchor and set sail: Elfia here we come!

Since the spectre of Corona is still haunting the world, we will be well on our guard and set foot on Elfia’s shores with extreme caution. Our barber-surgeon, Hacksaw Henry, has stowed his crates with potions, amulets, peglegs, leeches, protective gear and his hamster, Mr. Celsius who can sniff out a fever from a mile away….well…at least from 5 centimetres.

Anyway, we have missed you all like crazy and are looking forward to see all you scallywags again.
We come protected and even though the revelling will be less lecherous as we’re used to, we’re prepared to party like it’s 1699.

Meanwhile: stay safe and see you all in Arcen!

Message in a bottle…

beloved Crew.. Harsh times ask for harsh meassures.. It is with sadness
in our pirate hearts that we see the Yellow jack fluttering across the
seven seas.. Harbors are beeing closed for the safety of our
scallywags.. Therefore we shall not set sail to Elfia and Keltfest and
our journeys beyond are still uncertain. Our armada is anchored, using
all different means to natter and sing.. Expolore the horizon with yer
virtual looking glass and enjoy the artists across the World Wide Sea
doing thar best to amuse you! Keep yer distance and stay positive! Open
up that fine cask of Cooper’s Rum.. Let us hope this plague comes to an
end real soon..

~ Captain BlackPowder.

Happy 2020!

We would like to wish a fantatastic and healthy 2020 to you and your loved ones! Last year was very important and joyfull to us as it was the year that the BlackPowder community was born. We can’t thank you enough for sharing all those beautiful moments and parties with us! We hope to see eachother at one of the coming activities so we can make 2020 even better! Please have a look at our upcoming events in the right section of our website.

The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail!

Welcome to BlackPowder!

Dear Visitor, Reenactor, Fantasy Lover, Rum Addict and many more..

Together, we are blessed with the gift of life. And in one way our another, our paths have crossed at some point! Could have been at a Fantasy Fair, Mittelalter Phantasie Spectaculum, a gig of your favorite band or even online! One thing was sure.. we united and shared beer, food, rum, stories and had a great time at the campfire or any other beautiful location.

It’s not always easy to keep in touch and some very interesting stories or events may not be noticed with the amount of online feeds heading our direction. Privacy settings and other solutions that make your life easier could prevent to share your stories or events with the people you like be informed.

With BlackPowder Community, our goal is to create a ‘virtual camp fire’. A place where you can share the events you will attend , share the progress of that new costume you will wear the coming Fantasy Fest, tell stories of the awesome time we had together, share pictures that makes everyone love or laugh, tell us about this new band everyone should hear about.. and so much more..

Hope to see you soon!

– Captain BlackPowder..


Image created by Floris Roding!