Castlefest 2024

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Keukenhof Lisse (NL)

Avast, me hearties and brave souls! Gather close as The BlackPowder Crew, them savvy swashbucklers who’ve outsmarted the King’s fleet, unveil their haven nestled deep within the mystical bounds of Castlefest, a haven of magic like no other!

Within the enchanted realm, our sanctuary awaits… A refuge where the bonds of comradeship and the thrill of daring escapades merge seamlessly with the tranquil beauty of our surroundings. All ye seekers of adventure are summoned to witness the harmonious life of our diverse crew and plunge into the lively essence of piracy anew.

Amidst the whimsy of the festival, we’ve carved out a haven for young buccaneers yearning for thrills. Little scallywags are encouraged to join us in raucous revelry and merry mischief, where they’ll not only revel in pirate-inspired antics but also soak up the colourful lingo of the high seas! Let their imaginations run wild as they embark on a voyage of discovery and delight.

But our presence offers more than mere revelry. We offer a glimpse into the daily rhythm of our peaceful crew, showcasing the craftsmanship and expertise that sustain us on our oceanic odyssey. Witness as we tend to our ships with care, safeguard our loot, and engage in friendly challenges that test our mettle without malice.

So, heave ho and join us at Castlefest, where tranquillity and adventure weave a spellbinding tale! Surrender to the rugged charm of The BlackPowder Crew and lose yourself in the intoxicating brew of piracy. Come celebrate the grandeur of a pirate’s life, where unity and revelry rule the waves.

May the winds of fortune guide your voyage, me hearties! We eagerly await your arrival in our pirate haven, where fantasy and the pirate’s code converge for a memory-making adventure of a lifetime!