BlackPowder Sails Home!

Last weekend the BlackPowder fleet has sailed to Zülpich where we have attended the Piraten Abenteuer Festival!
It was our first visit to the festival but most definitely not our last.
Compared to most of the festivals we have visited, it was smaller, probably because it focussed on the Pirate theme where other festivals cater to all aspects of fantasy, (science-) fiction and cosplay.
As a result it had a very intimate and accommodating atmosphere where many hearties met again to share tales and drinks and rekindle their friendships. The setting was in Zülpich in beautiful rural Germany against the backdrop of the fabulous Weiertor. The campsite was direct next to the festivalgrounds and on foot it took only 5 minutes to get from camp to stage or wateringhole…. The weather was superb with temperatures which actually made us feel like Pirates IN the Caribbean. Fortunately there was ample shade and all the cherry beer, gold beer, rum and refreshments one could wish for. The organization was impeccable…Big thumbs up to Ralf Winterhoff and his team!!! And the music….it was plain genius…..
From McCabe and Kanaka to Pyrolysis, to the musical might of the Swedish Pirate Armada: Pat Razket, Stromfrun and Ye Banished Privateers…. It was a true maelstrom of music, singing, dancing, drinking, partying and fraternizing with pirates from all over Europe (and one from Australia 😊 ).
The absolute highlight was the unplugged jam-session Saturday evening after the official programm. We have started it singing Hoist the Colours and John Kanaka and soon were joined by Björn Tengelin from Pat Razket and then John Kanaka. Soon more people, both pirates and musicians from all the different bands poured into the beautifully lit Weiertor and then there was no stopping the party anymore…
The heartfelt rendering of Captain Ben, by Rebeckah and Björn brought tears to our eyes: to ours for laughing, to Björn’s for hating the song and having to sing it… The party lasted until the early hours and left us without voice, without drinks, without shame, dignity and in some cases without pants.
It was an unforgettable weekend and BlackPowder will most definitely sail for Zülpich again next year !!!

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