BlackPowder @ Castlefest!

Castlefest 2019 was again a Fantastic Festival, hosted by the beautiful people of Vana Events.After setting up the camp, we could immediately get into action with a performance of Harmony Glen, Followed by a great Sunfire Concert!
On Friday, we had the honour to listen to the wonderful music of VarendVolk, brought by our good friends at Plunder and Pyrolisis! Our singles got to meet new people at the speeddating, while others listened to the wake up call at the La Horde Pyjama Party.
The BlackPowder crew had such an amazing time with these bands before and after the gigs and at the festival site itself. With the few sparks of energy we had left we went to the silent disco and got totaly exhausted! Thanks to everyone who made this festival so amazing! Make sure to check out our pictures in the Gallery.

67 thoughts on “BlackPowder @ Castlefest!

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